Battle of Britain commemoration

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Battle of Britain 75th year commemoration As a young kid growing up, I was surrounded by patriotic stories of the Battle of Britain. Stories from family, right through to the comics I bought and read growing up. It was and still is a huge cultural part of UK history.

I would hear and read about the heroics of the personnel of the RAF, from folks who made the aircraft, right through to the pilots flying daily missions warding off the German enemy. Each time it captures my imagination of the bravery of the people involved.

Its hard to imagine if that grit and determination didn't pan out, the world would be a different place. 75 years on from the fateful date of the 15th of September 1940. The Battle of Britain culminated in one day that became a turning point in the war that eventually saved Britain from becoming overtaken by the invading enemy.

I wanted to remember the people involved in a fitting tribute to the pilots and ordinary folk that fought for freedom in the UK and Europe some 75 years ago. Taking the icon of remembrance (the Red Poppy) that symbolises those that have fallen in war, combining it with the three machines that have become iconic. The spitfire, the Hurricane, and the Lancaster bomber. All are icons of WWII, especially the Spitfire and Hurricane. I applied a random pattern of Poppy's to formulate each silhouette of each aircraft. Never forgotten.