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I am pleased to announce that I was invited by award winning Graphic designer Malcolm Garrett, to submit a piece of art work to an exhibition he and Kaye Dunnings (Creative Director of Shangrila art at Glastonbury festival) have curated for this years Lost Horizon Festival. Which in the current climate is online! 

The exhibition is titled 'Yours Truthfully : Truth, Justice and Freedom

Yours Truthfully is a new exhibition co-curated by graphic designer and co-artistic director of Design Manchester Malcolm Garrett, and Lost Horizon and Shangri-La creative director Kaye Dunnings. Featured on the towering billboards surrounding the Freedom stage, the brief welcomed personal messages from artists to the world on the themes of Truth, Justice and Freedom, calling attention to the most pressing social issues in the world today. The show features work from more than 70 internationally acclaimed artists and studios and taken together this collation of statements conveys a powerful message of unity, and of the freedom to be creative and have your voice heard. 

Prints of selected artworks will be available to purchase, as part of a timed open edition (from 3pm Friday 3rd July to 3pm Friday 10th July), with profits going to The Big Issue and Amnesty International UK

My artwork - I chose to answer the call with a focus on one of my main passions in life - Bees!

I chose to focus in on the global plight of the bee. Worldwide the bees (whether it be a honey bee or Solitary bee) are in decline. Sadly there are a number of simple and complex reasons why. Essentially and to the point, bees habitats and health and well being are being destroyed. Crop spraying with harmful chemicals is one of thee main factors in a worldwide decline. Loss of habitat is another huge factor. I wanted to highlight the common garden and hedgerow as a focal point of the artwork, using the iconic hexagonal reference as a design rule behind the design aesthetic.

I wanted to send a powerful message with the word 'Beehave' Behave, short sharp and to the point. Countries around the globe need to behave in what they do, what they legislate in law, and what they plan to do to help stop bee declining in numbers. We can help even on a small scale. Please look below at some simple steps to help. Spread the word to BEEHAVE!

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