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I was invited to produce an illustration for Conversations in Creativity for Creative Lancashire. The A2 illustration will be part of an exhibition at the event, and will then be auctioned off for a cancer charity and childrens charity Barnados.
The Brief: Bowie was all about taking risks and pushing the boundaries so in that spirit we’ve come up with a very loose and open brief to allow space for your own interpretation. We are asking illustrators, designers and artists to supply an image relating to a song title, lyric, album, Bowie era, Bowies influence or anything Bowie related. Basically an image that responds to how Bowie as an icon and inspiration speaks to you.
My thoughts behind my outcome - 
Thee one thing that sums up David Bowie from his early days until his death is creativity. The man morphed and sidewinded in to his own genre, a huge inspiration for me creatively. With the illustration I wanted to challenge my own notion of how I create illustrations. A student I teach Graphics at HND level, passed on an idea that he found whilst researching how manga artists illustrate characters. Certain manga artists produce characters within the confines of 10 lines drawn out randomly on a page. Giving parameters to work within, but at the same time be random of the outcome. A trait I believe Bowie used throughout his creative life. I wanted to produce an illustration of David Bowie within the confines of 10 random lines. My background is very much screen print based, so I based my illustration upon using bitmapping tones and setting parameters to use only a limited palette of colour to produce the final outcome.
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