Hand made driftwood guitars

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Recently I have managed to get off the ground a self initiated project I have planned for many years. The project was to make my own handmade guitars from driftwood that I collect. I have a big passion for hand made crafts, paper or wood. I love to make something from scratch to finish.

This project is no different to my process with my illustrations. What people don't often know about me; is I started off my creative life at college studying 3D design, and left it there to go on to a Fine art degree. More recently I have stoked the 3d fires to create objects large or small!

I have always wanted to make guitars ever since I picked up a life sized one to learn and play. Combining my passion for collecting driftwood from various UK beaches, with my own illustration, I have created two examples of the mighty 4001 Rickenbacker bass guitar. (my favourite bass guitar) as examples.

Both are hand crafted by my own fair hand from various pieces of driftwood. I am now opening up my project for people/companies to commission me to make any guitar or size you so wish.

Large or small, I have experience of making guitars with various types of wood, from 15ft high to 7inches!

Get in touch via the contact page, and we can discuss your commission further. Thanks for looking. Nick ;)