Kenilworth Arts Festival 2018

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I am pleased to announce that I have been commissioned to provide Kenilworth Arts Festival with a visual identity. Stretching from the festival logo, through to merchandise. 

The brief was to create several illustrations that can be adapted to different platforms. Alongside this, I was asked to produce a festival poster showcasing the event highlights and events, and produce a logo that can be used to sell merchandise.

The illustrations that I have produced, are illustrated and designed in a way that each can be cropped, adapted and implemented to suit different platforms. From Social media (website, FB, Instagram etc) through to merchandise (bags- prints)

The festival is in its 3rd year, and is going from strength to strength. So it is an honour to provide the multi genre festival with a visual identity. The main festival poster will be available to view publicly in the next few months.

An insight to the illustrations -

I based the majority of the illustrations upon the town of Kenilworth. Each illustration depicts an actual place in the town. The main identity focuses around the one of the main festival settings of Abbey Fields. I also wanted to pick out easily recognisable town landmarks. One a large oak, another the town castle. If you look at all of the illustrations, there is a main theme of the Autumn and its light. As you might be able to tell with the majority of my art work, I love depicting how light interacts in our lives, and Autumn is one of my favourite times of year for Sun rise and Sun set.There might be the odd Crow flying through, that and a barn owl!