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I was recently commissioned by a southern bakery to illustrate and design a business logo incorporating their company name. I took the use of the business, and mixed the company name with what they do. If you look closely at the magpies, I styled the birds tail to resemble a rolling pin, hinting at the bakery element of the company whilst keeping the 'look' of the bird as natural as possible.

Sadly the customer didn't end up going with my logo as the whole bakery project was shelved. On a positive note, I really enjoyed working on a logo that incorporated wildlife.Simplifying a cheeky chap of a bird to simple shapes was really inspiring and a new direction for me.

I intend to release a set of British birds in the near future.Keep your eyes peeled.

If you are interested in commissioning Switchopen to illustrate and design your company logo, then please do get in touch through my profile page.