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I am extremely honoured to have been commissioned to produce an art print for the launch of film pioneer Georges Melies autobiography. The print I have produced is part of a box set that accompanies the official book and boxset.

The commission was to capture as many of the visual elements that Méliès created and used within his groundbreaking films of the time. It was no easy fete as most of the film footage is well over 90 years old! Plus Méliès had a plethora of films to choose from! 

Through extensive research on his film back catalogue (Thanks to a good friend Tony Shea X) I collated all of the visuals I could, and began to compose a print that would capture the visual world that he created. I approached it how Méliès would often do in his own films. That was to think cinematically, and compose a 'scene' of all of his most iconic characters and visual styling into one print! 

It has been a great pleasure to be associated even in this tiny way to the great cinematic legend. Thanks goes to Jon for putting his ass on the line to get this book out there in the world! Bravo sir!

Now go and check out the book below!

More info about the book and author Jon Spira

If you are interested in the book and boxset, it is now available to purchase at the UK website - here

A short introductory video about Méliès here 

Delve in to the visual world of Méliès, you wont be dissapointed.