Official John Grant North Atlantic Flux Festival Hull print

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I am pleased to announce that I was commissioned by the US singer songwriter John Grant, to produce an official limited edition print for his curated festival in Hull recently. The festival dubbed - John Grant's North Atlantic Flux: Sounds from Smoky Bay, took part across the weekend of the 28-30 April in the 2017 Capital of culture Hull. The 2 colour screen print (A2 in size) was sold as official merchandise across the festival venues. More about the festival and line up here

The edition was 150, size (A2 -59.4 cm x 42 cm) and sold out at the festival.

I have a very limited amount of the prints for sale. Please get in touch via my email address if you are interested in purchasing one.

Insight to print - As soon as I received the commission I came up with the idea for the illustration. The juxtaposition of artists from two different cultures brought together for one weekend, triggered my thinking to what links the two cities together? Fishing was the first link that sprung to mind! Both cities economies thrived in the industry, hence the inclusion of the cod swimming in the border. Also the overall feel and aesthetic for the print is heavily inspired by old food packaging from the 1930's, I love the distressed nature of them, and the very limited colour palette. Next up was the Geyser! Smoky Bay in Reykjavik is well known for its geothermal vents across the bay, so I decided to bring one to Hull!