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I was recently commissioned by the UK gallery - Dark City to produce an illustration for the iconic British film KES. The print series from Dark City Gallery, celebrates the very best of British Film and the key moments in British Cinema. Fully approved by the film companies.

The limited edition Screen print is a 4 colour print in a edition of 100. It is a true honour to work on a print for one of my favourite films as a child. As you may already know, I love my flora and fauna in life, so it was great to be able to illustrate one of my favourite UK birds, the Kestrel.

The working behind the illustration - The film is quite dark in nature, as Billy (the main character) is literally brow beaten by his life and surroundings, and the one solace in his grim existence is his pet Kestrel. KES is his world and god. I wanted to capture KES iconically. The one light in his dark life. The rays/pattern/colour of the sun pattern, is actually inspired by the Kestrels own feathers.

If you look at one section of a Kestrels tail feathers closely, you will see a beautiful pattern and colour. Hence the sky pattern was born! The limited edition print is now on sale at Dark City Gallery.

This lovely print was beautifully screen printed by White Duck Screen print

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