Richard Hawley Piece Hall 2021 Gig poster

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  • Dimensions: 3 colour Screen print A2 (594mm x 420mm) Email for purchase details
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I am super pleased to announce that I have been commissioned once again by Richard Hawley to produce a gig poster for his Piece Hall gig for (Saturday 4th September 2021) His first major gig in a long while.  

The print/gig was a long time coming. We all know the reasons why. Its a great honour to produce another print for Richard, especially as this is my first in 18 or so months. An absolute pleasure to finally show you all this print.

If you have ever have had the pleasure to visit Halifax, you will have inevitably visited Piece Hall. Once I knew Richard was to play there over 18 months back. I instantly thought of the gates that adorn the entrance. They are huge symbol to me of craftmanship and engineering that the venue holds. They are truly beautiful. I had to use the gates...whats uncanny is what context the gates now take on in this print. As I started designing this particular print before covid hit. The gates symbolise things opening back up again in the world, coming out of a lockdown, and of course going to see gigs and enjoy life again. Something I didn't intend to mean in the beginning, but hey thats life I guess.

Seems the wildlife carried on regardless...certainly did near me, and I am bloody glad they did! 

The print will be available to purchase at the gig, and then on Richards website. I will have a few A/P's available to purchase. Please email me at switchopen at gmail dot com to enquire about purchasing one.

3 colour Screen print A2 (594mm x 420mm) Limited edition of 200.

A stellar print job by Prints of Thieves