Secret 7" 2014

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Secret 7 - 2014 Record Store Day I was pleased to be asked back this year to contribute to the Secret 7 exhibition. My mission this year like other years, was to create a 7 inch record sleeve, interpreting a song from a selected list. The only mission was to keep it quite until it was auctioned off for Charity on the weekend of Record Store Day. This year the charity was War Child.

This year I wanted to produce a sleeve, exclusively made from a scratchboard, and keep it as honest as it comes, so no corrections on computer! I love the medium so much as it shows every mark you make. Can you guess which song and band the art represents?

Go on take a guess….My first ever screen printed poster was for this band! Thankfully my sleeve was sold on the weekend of the event, so I am really pleased! Thanks goes to the kind gentleman who bought the sleeve. Bravo!