The Chequers Pub sign London

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I was recently commissioned by a client, to produce a poster/sign/logo for a revamp of a pub in Walthamstow London.

I have a long heritage of pubs (not the boozy side!) in my family. My father, writes local history books, and one of his first books, was written on my home town Denton's local pubs. Since that time my dad is now on to 10 books. (All local history within Manchester)

Sadly the amount of pubs in the UK is in decline, for a number of reasons. So it is a real pleasure to get a commission from a company that is passionate about pubs and their heritage in the community.

It is real pleasure to be able to produce a print that will be used a print/logo/sign. Pub signs in the UK are fast disappearing, being replaced with generic names, so it was a real pleasure to produce an illustration that continues the long tradition of an image as the pubs identity.

Part of the brief, was to be able to use the top part of the print, to be used as the pubs headers to the food menus and identity.