Three Crowns pub Mirrors London

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Switchopen was recently commissioned by the Three Crowns in Stoke Newington London. The brief was to produce a set of illustrations that would adorn the interior mirrors of the venue. Along side this, was a redesign of the the pub's original victorian sign. \Firstly we looked at the venues exterior signage and overall architecture to gauge our initial ideas for the client. As the building is a grand structure on the high street, we already had a great basis to design from.

The pubs heritage in Stoke Newington is extensive, surviving from the early 1600's ! to the present day as a pub and more recently a music venue. Firstly we produced a crest/coat of arms for the venue from scratch, reflecting the pubs heritage, and overall branding.

The crest/coat of arms was then implemented on to three existing interior mirrors within the venue. Each mirror design unique to the shape and format of the mirror. Each vinyl was expertly installed on to the mirror surface, by MDRCreative in Knutsford If you are interested in Switchopen producing similar, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page to the left.