Colouring book - Cannonballinkrun

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  • Dimensions: A5 Landscape
  • Price: £8

My first foray in to the colouring book world. I have two children now, and know very well how cool colouring books are for them and me! Colouring is a great way for your kids to relax and learn how to make pretty things, as well as learn about colours and forms. Colouring books are also cool for adults too, they provide mindfulness, and help you relax at the end of the day, be it from work or looking after two busy scamps! 

I have illustrated 31 different race cars loosely based upon colliding the two worlds of Richard Scarry and the 80's films of Cannonball run. See info below for the full story behind the colouring book theme. 

Size - A5 Landscape format book (perfect for car journeys for the kids, or the train ride home from work, making it portable and achievable!) Thick card cover.

Content - 31 pages of hand drawn wacky vehicles that desperately need colour to brighten their race! For the full 31 pages preview, please head over to my instagram page here and scroll down to see each individual drawing. Behind each drawing I also provide a story to each illustration.

All books will be hand signed by me personally. I will provide a hand drawn doodle if you request it in your paypal order. Always happy to put a smile on somebody's face, especially if it's a gift!

All books will be shipped via first class signed for delivery by Royal Mail

More info about the theme of the book -

In this particular book, there is a theme. When I was growing up, I had several books by the US illustrator Richard Scarry. The one that stood out for me, was What do people do all day? It's jammed packed with vehicles, small, large, you name it, its in there. It was one of my favourite books, as Scarry made each page captivating. Still to this day, I look at his books and see something new, especially his wit! Alongside this love for Scarry's world, I loved watching any Burt Reynolds film. Especially the Cannoball run films. 

Each year I take part in an online drawing event called Inktober. Its a month long event in October, that encourages you to get better at drawing. Each day you are encouraged to produce a drawing, with the stipulation of using ink. This year I took part and combined my two main passions (see above) and devised a plan to illustrate 31 different race contenders loosely based upon the Inktober 2018 prompt list (Click here to see the list). The race event I named - Cannonballinkrun! 

This is my 3rd year taking part, and for the last two years I have produced a booklet about Treehouses. See here for the books 1 , 2