'CREATE' - Bowie Art print

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  • Dimensions: A2 (420mmX 594mm)
  • Price: £25

I am pleased to announce that I have finally got to a print I have been longing to screen print from the year I illustrated it back in 2016. The 'Create' art print is based upon the artwork I produced for Creative Lancashire celebrating the British musical legend David Bowie. To create is a mantra, a way of life I have live and strive for. For me its what I am here on earth for. To create. David Bowie is up there for me in the musical spheres that pushed boundaries and ultimately creativity.

Thee one thing that sums up David Bowie from his early days until his death is his creativity. The man morphed and sidewinded in to his own genre, a huge inspiration for me. With the illustration I wanted to challenge my own notion of how I create my own illustrations. One aspect of being an illustrator is to be open to new ideas and methods.

A student I once taught passed on an idea that he found whilst researching how manga artists illustrate characters.Certain manga artists produce characters within the confines of 10 lines drawn out randomly on a page. Giving parameters to work within, but at the same time be random of the outcome. A trait I believe Bowie used throughout his creative life. I wanted to produce an illustration of David Bowie that reflected his multifaceted aura within the confines of 10 random lines. My background is very much screen print based, so I based my illustration upon using bitmapping tones (turning pixels to printable dots/shapes) and setting parameters to use only a limited palette of colour to produce the final outcome. Each facet of the whole is different size and shape, but overall it forms the icon.

The art print is a very limited edition screen print of 20 prints. Sized A2 (420mm x 594mm)