Gomorrah Official Film print

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I was invited by the creative London firm All City Media to take part in a project and exhibition they put together involving selected movie titles they had worked upon.

I was asked to redraw the dark gangster film Gomorrah. Written by Matt Garone. Gangster books and films have and still are an interest of mine, so this commission was a match made in heaven.

The film is story about the Naples Mafia, a mafia that has infiltrated all levels of peoples lives to an unbelievable level. A must see film.

I reworked the film print with three representations of characters in the film. I tried to capture the characters , reducing their personality to their clothing.

It was a real pleasure and a life long ambition to produce an illustration for a movie poster.

Hopefully I can repeat my ambition in the future?!

The print was part of an exhibition named 'Retype' held in London , more info here.