Hand crafted wooden Swallow

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As you may know I have a love for all things Flora and Fauna. Every year my wife and I look forward to seeing our first Swallow of the summer season. For us, its the true start of summer, it gears up our minds to feeling warm, and in the UK that is a good thing, having winter end after virtually 6 months of cold! The humble swallow is a master of the skies, darting around for insects, displaying their agility in the skies above us daily. Again for us, the day they leave the shores for warmer climates (normally by the end of September) is a sad day.

I wanted to create and craft our own first arrival, to hang in our house, to remind us every day of the beautiful bird, and that the seasons change and warmth is on its way!

Each Wooden Swallow will be supplied with 2 nail pins for displaying the bird on walls. If you take a look at the back of the product (see pic 2), there is a preset drilled hole to hang the first nail by, and the second can be pinned between the birds tail (See picture 3 for hanging suggestion) This is optional, as you can determine the angle of the bird.

Each Swallow is made to hang indoors. Should you want to display outdoors, the product would need a varnish to protect the wood. 

Product dimensions - 180 mm x 60 mm x 5mm

Mixed media on Plywood - Hand cut, painted and finished.

Each Swallow will be shipped First Class Signed for delivery via Royal Mail.