UFO art print

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  • Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm
  • Price: £15

I am pleased to release this 3 colour screen printed art print. UFOs have been long discussed and researched in my family. It started with my Dad, who was a member of the BUFORA group back in the 1960s. He would often tell me that there was unexplained objects other than aircraft in the sky. Roll 30+ years later, I am still, like many others on a quest to understand what these objects are? Are they terrestrial or extraterrestrial? Hopefully full disclosure from governments is around the corner, and hopefully in my lifetime I can show my kids what they actually are! 

In the meantime, we can speculate, but celebrate the classic shape in this here art print. The 3 colour print has a surprise, in that the yellow ink used is in fact glow in the dark ink. So in true UFO folk lore, you can enjoy seeing the print after dark! 

Size - 20cm x 20cm Signed and numbered limited edition of 40. Shipping globally!